Herman Law, P.A. Announces Inaugural Second Chance Scholarship

Scholarship application

Extensive research and studies confirm what we see first hand at Herman Law, P.A., that a college education reduces recidivism, increases earning potential and is an integral part of criminal justice reform and offender re-entry programs.  The federal government reports alarming statistics, warning that “[e]ach year approximately 700,000 individuals leave federal and state prisons; about half of them will be reincarcerated within three years.”  As a recent New York Times Editorial urged, “the most effective way to keep people out of prison once they leave is to give them jobs skills that make them marketable employees.”  In addition, beyond the jailed defendant, entire families and communities suffer.  Research further shows that “when parents are incarcerated, children do worse across cognitive and noncognitive outcome measure.”

Reducing recidivism makes our communities safer, helps reintegrate people who have paid their debt to society and make them contributing members, and lowers our taxpayer burden by reducing the astronomical costs of incarceration. Although federal student loans and grants help millions of students each year, those with a criminal record, such as a drug conviction, may not be eligible to receive financial aid.

In response, we are taking action and proudly introduce the inaugural Herman Law, P.A. Second Chance Scholarship for a convicted felon or a child of convicted felon.  Recently, as many of our friends and family celebrated and attended graduation ceremonies and helped our grads transition to college life, we were reminded of the many people who are not that fortunate. We thought of some of our clients and their families, who may be precluded or discouraged from considering a college education. So we set out to do something and encourage others to join us. We are excited to offer this first annual college scholarship and give a deserving student a second chance!


For more information, including how to apply, click here.