We had the privilege of utilizing the services of Herman Law, P.A in one of the most unfortunate of circumstances.

Although, Herman received the case on short notice, he did more work in the span of a few months than the other 3 lawyers did combined over the course of 3 years. He was quite invested in the outcome of the case, he showed that he cared about what our family was experiencing, and he answered all of our questions. He kept us updated as the case progressed, he listened to our concerns as well as our requests. He’s very thorough as well as efficient. He knows the law, and is willing to fight for you. Having him on our case was light during a dark time. I highly recommend his services. - Shannon Farrington

Fight The Case Like His Life Is On The Line

Very hard-working dedicated motivated he's going to fight the case like his life is on the line. I have four lawyers on my case and he was the best he's very good I would highly recommend you get him. - Google User

He's determined to protect your rights...

"Mr. Herman went above and beyond and was thorough and honest. He's determined to protect your rights and a master at his craft." - Orlando Masso

I strongly recommend him.

"Mr. Herman was fantastic helping me. He put in extra hours to help my case. I strongly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney." - Stephanie Griffin

Highly recommended.

"Highly recommended. Ron Is a skilled professional who took the time to explain all our options. He knows the system and is a relentless advocate. He takes the time to listen—you won’t go wrong with Ron."

-Thomas Hill

Ron did a great job for my husband.

"Ron did a great job for my husband. He was very responsive to emails and phone calls and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him."

-Linda Schwab

Ron's knowledge and experience made me feel better at one of the scariest times of my life

Ron's knowledge and experience made me feel better at one of the scariest times of my life. Will definitely contact him again if I should ever need it!

- Rachel Morrison

We recommend Herman Law firm without reservation

I wish I could give this firm 5 more stars. Ron represented my son. We hired him the same day we met with him. Ron and his paralegal Jessica were always professional, compassionate and patient with our questions. We recommend Herman Law firm without reservation.

- Jo Moran




I interviewed several attorneys before deciding to hire Ron Herman. I made the right choice

"I interviewed several attorneys before deciding to hire Ron Herman. I made the right choice. One of the best qualities about Ron is his clear communication. I never had to guess what was happening. He called me often (versus email) and explained things to me and allowed me time to ask questions, which he then thoroughly answered. I never felt judged and he showed empathy and professionalism and guided me through a very stressful situation. I highly recommend Ron."


Ron is and extremely proficient

"Ron is and extremely proficient and thoughtful attorney. He works tirelessly for his clients which I have seen first hand. Extremely trustworthy and reliable."

-Robyn Mishkin

He was always available

" Mr. Herman represented my son in a felony case that could have caused him 15yrs in prison. He was successful in securing 3 yrs probation. He was always available to discuss the case and he always keeps you abreast of all that is happening and all the worse case scenario. I want to personally thank him and paralegal Jessica for job well done "

-Doxie Bernard

I couldn't have made a better choice than to pick Ron to represent me!

"I found myself needing a very good attorney for a serious situation and didn't know where to start. Upon reading thru all of Ron's reviews I made the decision to reach out to him. He responded to me off hours and very quickly over the course of a weekend. I couldn't have made a better choice than to pick Ron to represent me! Ron lives up to each and every one of his reviews. He worked very quickly, thoroughly, and made me feel as comfortable as possible with each step of the process. His paralegal Jessica is also amazing! I was very impressed with how well they as a team handled every situation that arose and was able to quickly and honestly answer my questions. I think what probably sets him apart is that he properly sets your expectations (good or bad) and that allows to trust his guidance. I did and again am very grateful for everything he did for me and my family."


He was always available

"Mr Herman represented my son in a felony case that could have caused him 15 years in prison. He was successful in securing 3 yrs probation.He was always available to discuss the case and he always keep you abreast of all that is happening and all the worse case scenarios. I want to personally thank him and paralegal Jessica for job well done."


Ron is knowledgeable

"Easy to reach and does not make promises he can't keep."

-Cynthia Tassy

Ron was amazing.

"He told me what to do, what to expect and took care of my case like I was family. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer they can depend on."

-Peter Doskey

To say that I am satisfied with Ron Herman’s performance is an understatement.

"To say that I am satisfied with Ron Herman’s performance is an understatement. I was charged with a 3rd DUI and refusal to blow and facing some serious consequences, I have hired him in the past for some lesser charges, and I knew I could trust him to look out for my best interest and follow through. The prosecutor was a a bit tough (IMO) and wouldn't offer, what I considered a reasonable plea deal given the circumstances and I knew I needed to stay strong and proceed to trial no matter what (and it took a long time 18 months to get to trial; and Ron stood by my side the whole time!) ... I had to push a little bit and as we all know most cases settle without ever going to trial and it definitely was not an easy case to win and the stakes were high and my stress levels were through the roof for the whole 18 months because there was just so many unknown variables. Ron is very personable he doesn't come off as abrasive but I knew he could be assertive and assert he did! We won the DUI Trial (not guilty verdict! The best kind of outcome!). It’s hard to gauge an attorney’s trial experience (especially since this was my first time ever bringing anything that far (cases are won and lost all the time and circumstances vary between every single case). I will tell you this though that Ron Herman can follow through. I have had the misfortune of needing to hire other attorney’s to handle previous DUI’s and other things that life can hit you with and I only wish those attorney’s were half as capable as I know Ron Herman is, if you need someone to come through for you he is the person you need to hire."

-Mathew Anonymous

Exceptional and Dynamic DUI Attorney

"I decided to write this review regarding an exceptional local attorney who specializes in DUI violations. His contact information is: Ron Herman with Herman Law in Palm Beach

In helping my son find an attorney to help him with a serious felony DUI charge. I noticed that no matter how much I researched or how long it took. I found it extremely difficult to evaluate an attorney for their skills and experience and if they specialized in this particular area. He selected Ron Herman to represent him. He was always very helpful in answering many questions that I had and I wasn’t his client, my son was. I can tell you that he was always helpful, answered every question and helped me with every concern. I found him to be compassionate and committed to vigorously defending my son. He is very knowledgeable and very skillful in a trial setting and in negotiating with prosecutors. My son was acquitted in his felony DUI trial, and my son owes his success to his attorney Ron Herman.

If you find yourself or a loved one in such a situation, you could probably spend many hours researching who’s the right attorney for my case? The information that’s harder to come by is someone who has firsthand experience with working with an attorney. I can tell you firsthand that Ron is an exceptional and dynamic attorney who will vigorously defend you and is committed to winning your case.

I hope that my experience helps you when selecting an attorney to represent you in your case.."


Ron is very professional and a fantastic attorney.

" He will fight for you in the court room. He came recommended and I would not hesitate to recommend him to someone else. He makes you feel like your case is at the top of his priority list and answers all your questions. He always picks up his phone when you call and will email you back very quickly!"


Words cannot describe how happy I am with attorney Ron Herman.

"He did an amazing job defending my son. He genuinely cared about him and our family. He always kept us informed and returned phone calls, texts, or e-mails immediately. He's the total package - smart, caring, kind and has an awesome personality. Highly, highly recommend him - he's phenomenal!."

-Melanie H.

Unfortunately but fortunately I had to hire Mr Herman

" Unfortunately but fortunately I had to hire Mr Herman to represent two of my son's over the last 9 years on charges we thought were unfair. In both cases as a family we couldn't of been more happy with the results. During these times my wife handled these and always made me feel comfortable with her confidence in Mr.Herman. When I finally met Mr Herman he was everything she said and I immediately felt his passion for my son's case . Without him our sons life's could of been changed forever.."

-Barry H.

Ron is attentive, responsive, and a zealous advocate.

"He is well-respected by his peers and clients alike. I recommend Ron to my clients without hesitation."

-Livia C.

Ron Herman was the right choice for me.

"He worked every angle and provided me the best defense possible. Under the circumstances I was very pleased with the final outcome. I would definitely recommend."

-Alex G.

Mr. Herman is a hard working, brilliant, devoted, honorable attorney.

"Herman Law, P.A. is a very professional well established law firm. Their service is impeccable. Great communication skills throughout my experience with Mr. Herman and his assistant Jessica. The emails and phone calls were always answered in a timely manner. Mr. Herman is a hard working, brilliant, devoted, honorable attorney. As a first time client, I highly recommend Herman Law, P.A."

-Vamp Doll

Ron is a man of integrity

"Ron is a man of integrity, he works hard and is an amazing attorney. Having Ron as your attorney will be your best decision."

-Maria R.

I highly recommend Ron as a defense attorney. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

"When I first met Ron, he laid out a plan to successfully defend me in my case, and explained each step of the plan in a clear way. It was obvious to me that hiring him would be a smart move. Ron aggressively followed his plan while keeping me informed throughout the process. He made himself very accessible to me, and consistently gave me valuable feedback and advice. Ron also regularly used analogies to help me as a lay person understand the legal process. Through his aggressive and smart approach, my charges were dropped and I could not be happier with the outcome. I highly recommend Ron as a defense attorney."


Highly recommend!

"Ron is an exceptional lawyer who really works hard for his clients with a high degree of integrity and reasonable fees. Highly recommend!"


Amazing! Saved my life

"Amazing! Saved my life. Fast efficient and effective! Great service. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney! He is the best."

-Tousif Anwar

We would be happy to use him in the future

"Ron took on our case immediately, working diligently from beginning to end. Ron made sure to make himself available to his client and our family at all times. He is extremely fair with his fees. He effectively and efficiently resolved our case and we would be happy to use him in the future."


Ron The Great!!!

"Best attorney around!!! I will never use anyone else!!!"

-Jordan Garnett

Ron is the best

"Ron Herman is the best and most effective lawyer,I have ever hired. He gives 110 percent and with a very good outcome. Anyone would be foolish not to call him, he knows the law and how to defend your love one."

-Dan F.

Excellent service, thorough and extremely professional

"Ron was the first attorney I called during a difficult time. His name was at the top of the list for all searches I conducted. There's a reason for that....he's top notch. I retained his searches and had a great experience not only with him but also with the staff."

-Satisfied Client

Great Job Ron

"I was arrested last year. PBC Sheriff’s office wanted to make an example of me. The State decided to give me a ridiculous plea offer which I just couldn’t bring myself to accept. So I hired Ron and we took it all the way to trial and won. He was great in the jury selection process. He hammered down on the prosecutors case discrediting their witnesses. He didn’t back down an inch. He knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I don’t get in trouble but If I ever do again, I know where I’m going! Your life your call."


Ron Herman is the best of the best

"Ron Herman is the best of the best. Why? Because the single most important characteristic of his legal specialty is the lawyers/Ron's ability to communicate, motivate and be liked by those lawyers on the other side. This may be even more important than his knowledge of the law, which is not lacking in any way either. His relationship building skills and ability is equal to none. He advised me from the beginning on how to trust him and the Prosecutors in the process I was about to go through. I was nervous and apprehensive to say the least. But in the end, Ron was "spot on". I had interviewed other lawyers before hiring Ron. I thank my lucky stars I didn't hire them. My result could not have been any better. I have my life back because of Ron."


Thank you

"I am very satisfied with the work Ron did on my case. He helped me feel better through a rough time."


Exceeded expectations

"Ron, I would again like to thank you for getting the probation finished. We did not think it would happen. You once again exceeded our expectations."


Ron is not only a competent and knowledgeable attorney, he is by far the most amazing person who cares about his clients

"I called Ron 2 days before Christmas discussing my case just as he was ready to leave for his vacation. He took our case on right away and worked diligently for us while he is on vacation. Ron is not only a competent and knowledgeable attorney, he is by far the most amazing person who cares about his clients. He is extremely easy to talk to over the phone and is always accessible via email/phone. I am always informed of the latest on my case. He is reasonable in his fees for the amount of time and effort he puts forth. Give him a call to discuss your case! Good luck!"

-Linda P.

Amazing Experience!

"I rated Ron Herman a 5/5 because when faced with some apartment insurance issues, Ron provided quick responses to any questions and was able to help me resolve my problems effectively and efficiently. I would HIGHLY recommend to anybody."


Pleasure to work with in difficult situation

"Mr. Herman is very knowledgeable and did everything within his power to ensure a fair trial. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking solid legal advice."


Ron is such a hard working attorney

"Ron is such a hard working attorney, who goes all out for his clients, day or night!"


Ron you're the best!

"I'm a very lucky man to have Ron as my criminal defense lawyer I would recommend him to anyone. Ron your the best!"

-Larry Bender

Professional and Trustworthy

"I have had the opportunity to engage with Ron Herman in myriad professional settings at which he always conducts himself with poise and professionalism. His eagerness to help and his deep appreciation for the law radiates confidence and integrity. I would trust Ron Herman implicitly."

-Tyler Shernoff

Excellent Lawyer

"I'm so glad we hired Mr. Herman to represent us in our small business contract dispute. His legal services were very reasonably priced for someone of his considerable experience and background. Ron found creative ways to quickly bring the other party to the negotiating table and worked tirelessly to draft a workable settlement for all parties. He saved us a long and expensive legal battle, letting us get back to running our business."

-Dennis B.


"I was very impressed with Attorney Ron Herman's skills and commitment to my case and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, top notch lawyer. I was facing an insurance dispute, with several thousand on the line and Mr. Herman was quickly able to get the situation under control, take charge, and deliver favorable results for me, reducing my liability to almost nothing. Very satisfied with his legal representation that is worth every penny."

-S. Johnson