“Stand Your Ground” Law

A Democrat in the Florida House of Representatives recently introduced a bill to repeal the “stand your ground” law, which as many will recall, was raised as a defense in the Trayvon Martin case. Representative Alan Williams of Tallahassee filed the bill to repeal Florida Statute 776.013 that allows a person faced with a threat of death or great bodily harm to use deadly force and does not impose a duty to retreat. The self-defense law also provides that the person raising the “stand your ground” law may be immune from arrest, detention, and prosecution. After the national attention drawn to the law in the Martin case, Governor Rick Scott requested a task force to examine the law. However, after almost a year of reviewing the “stand your ground” law, the task force issued a draft report that did not suggest any major changes. At this time, the bill does not have a Senate sponsor.

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