Kansas Men Convicted for Drug Trafficking

According to the FBI, two men from Kansas City were arrested and convicted for participating in a drug trafficking ring. There was a long investigation that went into linking these men to their crimes, the FBI called their investigation as Operation Camera Shy. One man, Marcus L. Quinn, faces 30 years in prison after being charges with possession of drugs and conspiracy to distribute multiple counts of illegal drugs in large quantities. He also faces another count of having his residency being the location in which drug trafficking was handled, the list of charges goes on. A partner, Willie F. Ford, has too been sentenced for 35 years in prison for the same crimes as his partner. Ford had already spent time in prison for being in possession of drugs which is likely the cause of his five extra years of sentencing for the current drug trafficking crimes.

Reports show that these two men had known each other since they were young teenagers and had been involved in selling drugs of various kinds for a long time. Marcus brother Antonio allegedly is the leader of the current drug trafficking ring, he along with almost a dozen others were arrested and convicted as a result of the FBI investigation. In the event that you or someone you know has been accused of a drug involved crime, it is crucial to have the proper legal counsel on your side to help fight for you acquittal or a lesser sentence. Drug crimes can result in many years in prison and very high fines if convicted. Facing charges such as these can have dire consequences; don’t go without seeking the proper legal representation you deserve. The law offices of Herman Law promise to fight for you and seek the best possible outcome on your behalf. Contact them today for more information about your criminal defense!