Holmes Officially Charged

Holmes, the deliberate and calculating mastermind of the rampage in Aurora, Colorado was officially charged last week with 142 criminal counts resulting from the 12 dead and 58 wounded during his vicious attack. The list of charges included 24 counts of first degree murder, 2 counts for each person he is accused of killing, 116 counts of attempted first degree murder, 1 count of possession of an explosive device and 1 count of violent crime.

The evidence that his actions were premeditated are clear. Over a period of 2 months prior to the Colorado shooting Holmes purchased a gas mask, ballistic helmet, tear gas canisters, tactical Kevlar gloves and other Kevlar body armor, 2 Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic handguns, 1 Remington 12 gauge tactical shotgun, 1 .223 caliber AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with 100 round magazines, and over 6,000 rounds of live ammunition. His dress mimicked that of a SWAT officer responding to the scene of the nightmare.

While arguments are and will continue to be made that Holmes is not sane or competent, there is no doubt in this criminal defense attorney’s mind that he was sane, and with calculated premeditation charged into the movie theater looking to kill as many as he can.

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