Goodman Gets Bond

Today Judge Colbath signed an order paving the way for the Release of polo mogul John Goodman. At the sentencing on Friday Colbath acknowledged that based upon Florida Law Goodman is entitled to an appellate bond. Between Friday and today prosecutors and attorneys for Goodman have been negotiating the terms of release. It appears that an agreement was made and Judge Colbath signed the Order this morning. According to the Order Goodman shall be required to post a $7 million bond, be on 24/7 house arrest, may go to work at his office on the Polo Club grounds, but not be able to attend parties or social events. He will have to provide a 24/7 off-duty police officer to be within 100 feet of him at all times and not allow his girlfriend Heather Hutchins to have access to the trust created for his children.

Read the full story in the Palm Beach Post – Goodman Gets Bond

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