How Does Florida Law Define Robbery?

In the State of Florida, the crime of robbery is a felony offense. Robbery involves using force, or the threat of force, in taking the money or property of another. It is a very serious crime to be accused of. A robbery conviction could potentially put you in prison for quite a while. Depending on the nature of the alleged criminal activity and if a weapon was used, the punishment can range from probation to life in prison. This is not to mention the large fines you will incur and the potential weight carrying a felony conviction on your permanent record will have on the rest of your life. Experienced criminal defense Attorney Ron Herman understands the gravity of the situation you are up against. He is here to mount the strongest legal defense possible in order to exonerate you of all charges.

How Does Florida Law Define Robbery?

If you are accused of robbery, you are being accused of using force or threatening to use force in order to permanently or temporarily deprive another person of his or her money or property. The taking of the property must be done without the consent of the owner. Additionally, the property must have had some value, even if it is minimal. The prosecutor must also show that you had the specific intent to deprive the other person of his or her property.

The use of force or threat of force is another essential element of robbery. This may have involved intimidation or physical force that put the victim in fear. The force or threat of force could have occurred before, during, or after the taking of the property. The prosecutor need only show that it was part of a series of continuous events.

A defense to a robbery accusation may involve disputing any of the essential elements stated above. You may have a legitimate claim that you had an ownership or right of possession to the property in question. In the alternative, you may have been given voluntary authorization to take the property by the property owner or possessor.

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