Cocaine Trafficking Conviction Reversed By Florida Supreme Court

If you are accused of drug trafficking, make sure to discuss with your lawyer or call Attorney Herman about the implications of the recent Florida Supreme Court decision on your case. The Court reversed a cocaine trafficking conviction because the police did not individually test each packet of the seized drug, a common police practice.

This is a very important case that sets a statewide standard that all police must now follow when testing seized drugs and commingling baggies of suspected drugs. The Court ordered that “[t]he state must prove through chemical testing that each individually wrapped packet of white powder seized contains at least a mixture of a controlled substance before the state may combine and weigh the commingled substance.” Previously, the prosecutors frequently would attempt to rely on circumstantial evidence and linked untested drugs with tested drugs to charge trafficking, which carries steep penalties.

Herman Law, P.A. is experienced in all criminal drug offenses and in successfully challenging trafficking charges. Call our experienced and hardworking attorney to discuss this new court decision and how we can help with your case.

To learn more about the Court’s decision, click here.