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Emergency Order Banning Bath Salts

The Florida Attorney General recently signed an emergency order banning the synthetic drug compounds known as "bath salts". The ban will help law enforcement keep the harmful substances out ...
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Illegal Search and Seizure

The Fourth District Court of Appeal recently reversed a denial of a juvenile's motion to suppress physical evidence, which was obtained in violation of the defendant's Fourth Amendment rights. ...
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Holmes Officially Charged

Holmes, the deliberate and calculating mastermind of the rampage in Aurora, Colorado was officially charged last week with 142 criminal counts resulting from the 12 dead and 58 wounded during his ...
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Kansas Men Convicted for Drug Trafficking

According to the FBI, two men from Kansas City were arrested and convicted for participating in a drug trafficking ring. There was a long investigation that went into linking these men to their ...
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Attorney Herman Serves on Discussion Panel for Goodman Case

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) recently hosted a dinner CLE to discuss the trial and sentencing of John Goodman. In May, the multi-millionaire and founder of the International Polo Club Palm Beach ...
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Goodman Gets Bond

Today Judge Colbath signed an order paving the way for the Release of polo mogul John Goodman. At the sentencing on Friday Colbath acknowledged that based upon Florida Law Goodman is entitled to an ...
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New Evidence in the Zimmerman Case

New evidence in the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case seem to indicate that Martin did in fact have offensive injuries to his knuckles. According to the medical examiner's report there were ...
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State Going After Experienced Judge

New Palm Beach County State Attorney Peter Antonacci filed a 72 page motion, including exhibits, trying to exclude the Honorable Barry Cohen from hearing criminal Cases. Antonacci feels that Judge ...
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Zimmerman to be Charged

Special prosecutor announces charges will be filed against Zimmerman. It is not clear what charges are being considered, but manslaughter is the most likely.
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David Alan Gore set to be executed 4/12/2012

Convicted serial killer David Alan Gore's request for a stay of execution has been denied by the Florida Supreme Court. Gore's execution is set for Thursday, April 12, 2012. Appeals to the ...
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